Learn Russian with Peppa Pig

Last update: February  2024

Peppa Pig is an incredible resource for learning languages. Not only is it easy and repetitive, but it is also coming in over 300 episodes in about 40 different languages . Of course there are a lot of ways you can use this series for your studies, but here is my favorite way, which I highly recommend: 


Step 1: Watch the episode completely to get a basic idea of its content. Don't worry, if you don't get everything, the animation usually makes it quite clear what it's all about. 


Step 2: Start writing down, what you hear. Do not too much at once, if you have trouble understanding everything, half a minute or even less are enough at the beginning. DO NOT look at the transcription, yet! Be a detective, guess the words, look them up, compare, pretend, there was no transcription at all. If you are completely stuck, you might peek at the episode in your native language . They are not always in conformity with eachother, but it often helps. Don't give up, before you have the feeling, that there is nothing more you can possibly do to get the text right. 


Step 3: NOW you are allowed to look at the text. Correct your own version and highligh the words and phrases you are not familiar with, yet. Listen again to the video (you will be amazed, that they suddenly really say what you have written down, instead of mumbling, as they seemed to have done before ;) ).


Step 4: Get through your text again and look, if you understand your mistakes, especially the grammar bits. If not, try to look it up or ask somebody (for example on www.italki.com).


Step 5: Learn those sentences you don't feel comfortable with by heart. 


Step 6: Try not to bother your fellow human beings by singing the Peppa Pig intro all day long. 




P.S.: The biggest of all THANKS to Natalya, my fantastic teacher, who is doing most of the work, transforming my wild guesses into proper Russian... 

P. P. S. : I am following the list of episodes as given on Wikipedia. They don't always match the YouTube numbering.